Will it Sting?

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Will it Sting?

Have you ever found yourself asking this question? Now you can answer the question using our app on your iPhone or iPad. Just point the camera at an insect, start a detection, and instantly get an answer to this important question.

It's Awesome

To answer the question, "Will it Sting?", you first have to detect the insect. This is done in realtime while you are pointing the camera at the insect. The detection will happen multiple times per second and accuracy will continue to increase while you point the camera at the insect. If the top of the screen goes red the insect might sting you. If the top goes green the insect is not known to sting and if it turns yellow there is a chance that the insect might sting if provoked.

Compare with Possible Insects

After you have detected the insect, and you have determined if the insect might sting, you can compare the detection with a list of possible insects. The detection confidence is given in the list and the results are ordered with the most probable at the top.

Detect from Photo Library

You can browse your Photo Library and select a photo for detection. If the photo contains an insect that might sting the top of the screen will go red as a warning. If the screen top is green the insect is not known to sting and if it goes yellow there is a small chance that the insect will sting.

Browse the Catalog

The app is capable of detection 56 different insects and these can all be browsed in-app. Just go to the catalog using the menu at the bottom. From the catalog you can choose an insect to read more about it.


The app is build using cutting edge technologies.

Blazing Fast

Detection is happening in real time, even on older iPhones and iPads. On the latest generation of iPhones the app will utilize the Neural Engine and detection will happen extremely fast.

Detection Catalog

You can browse the in-app catalog of detectable insects and compare with detected insects.

No Internet Required

The app can be used offline and no internet connection is needed for insect detection.

Can be Lifesaving

Knowing the type of insect that you got stung by can be lifesaving, if you for example are allergic to wasps.

Detect from Photo Library

Browse your Photo Library and select a photo to start a detection.

56 Common Insects

The app can detect 56 different insects that all look like they might sting. This includes bees, wasps & hornets, flies and some beetles. The insects are a broad selection from all around the globe.

Pretty sweet right? Download it today!